Zeph Mitchell is a Canadian based multidisciplinary artist who specializes in collage, creating surrealistic pieces that often explore mortality, nature and queer identity.

In High School, Zeph studied Hypermedia Technology for 3 years and enjoyed experimenting with photography. He also loved playing guitar and singing, and was even in a band. After graduating, he began his Bachelor of Science, but transferred into design and graduated from the University of Alberta with a Residential Interiors Certificate. 

Working as an Interior Designer for a few years specializing in furniture and sustainable design, he felt his other creative outlets being stifled.

As a result, Zeph began to pursue art more seriously in 2018, and hasn’t turned back since! His first Art exhibit was at a local Edmonton coffee roaster, Grizzlar Coffee & Records. He has also held exhibits at Strathearn Art Walk, Flying Canoe Festival, Cafe Mosaics, Remedy Cafe, 124th Street Grand Market, Sugarbowl Cafe, Millcreek Cafe, Odd Company Brewery and The Royal Bison.

In Edmonton, you’d recognize his art if you have ever stopped in at Hideout Distro, Majesty & Friends, Maven & Grace, The Quiltbag, and Audreys Books.

Awards and Recognition

2021 People’s Choice Winner of Rachel Notley Art from the Unknown

2020 McKernan Artist In Residency Grant Approval from Alberta Foundation for the Arts

2019 CBC Exhibitionists Feature

2018 CBC Arts Feature